Remembering Jackie O

One doesn’t become a style icon without a signature look. For Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, that meant delicate white gloves, tailored pink pencil skirts, silky white pearls and anything that exhibits effortless class and sheer elegance. Her fashion trademark created a tangible platform for women to mirror across the globe while also starting the trend for future First Ladies to come.


The First Lady of fashion definitely portrayed herself with her own modern stature, abiding by her own personal styles while having the public gaze in awe over her beautifully crafted gowns. Luckily, Ben-Amun has played a role in this First Lady’s legendary wardrobe. In 1989, Jacqueline (styled as Jackie O) attended a dinner at the Kennedy Library with her own personal addition, the gold ball-embellished cuff that has made headlines since the day it debuted.

The cuff demanded worldwide attention as it graced the covers of newspapers and magazines, the public infatuated over what she was wearing and where they could get one of their own. This cuffs later sold in Sotheby’s auction for $29,000.


Her bliss for life and enduring splendor was seen in and out of the White House. The public did not just fall in love with her fashion; they fell in love with her simplistic and elegant way of life. This cuff is considered one of the few Holy Grail pieces of fashion history, so much so that in 2012 Ben-Amun created a capsule collection of similarly-inspired pieces including the recreation of the legendary cuff. This gold ball-embellished cuff is our most iconic piece, naturally; however the rest of the collection truly resonates with her iconic trademark. Jackie O will always be remembered for her impeccable fashion making her a style icon for years to come, this forever reminding us that true beauty never fades.



Posted originally on Ben-Amun Website

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